Welcome to Save Our Kids’ Music (SOKM)

PVSD YAA 2020-21
The Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD) Youth Arts Academy (YAA) will begin registration for the 2020-21 school year on Wednesday, September 9th @ 8 am. More information at www.sokm.net/classes.
The after-school program offers various classes which are open to PreK through 8th grade students in Ventura County. All classes will start in a Distance Learning format and will include Beginning Piano, Introduction to Music, Beginning Strings, Intermediate Strings, String Orchestra, Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Guitar Ensemble, Beginning Ukulele, Beginning Recorder, Intermediate Recorder, Music and Movement, and PVSD Chorus.

Save Our Kids’ Music (SOKM) is the “PTA” or “Booster Club” for the Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD) Music Department and the PVSD Youth Arts Academy.  SOKM is proud of their 20 plus year partnership with PVSD. SOKM raises money and provides volunteers to support the PVSD arts and music programs. PVSD administers the music and arts programs, hires the teachers and determines the curriculum.

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SOKM believes that music and arts education is an integral, necessary part of a well-rounded education and of each child’s preparation for life in the 21st century. Music is one of the few subjects that uses both sides of the brain and nurtures a student’s emotional IQ.  An abundance of research shows that students who participate in musical endeavors do better on standardized tests, avoid destructive behaviors, are more likely to earn advanced college degrees, and have enhanced earning power throughout their careers.  The study of music teaches numerous life skills such as self-discipline, team work and performance techniques that enable music students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

SOKM is an all volunteer California not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible. We accept cash donations as well as new and used musical instrument donations. We thank everyone who has partnered with SOKM over the years and we thank those who will continue to partner with SOKM to keep the music alive for future generations of students.