Youth Arts Academy Classes – 2020-21

Welcome to the Pleasant Valley School District Youth Arts Academy Classes for

Created in June 2010, the Pleasant Valley School District Youth Arts Academy is dedicated to providing PreK-8th grade students in Ventura County with positive, creative and educational experiences in the arts. The fall session, taught by qualified instructors and supported by PVSD, SOKM and CICA focuses on visual and performing arts.

Pleasant Valley School District, Save Our Kids’ Music and Channel Islands Choral Association are excited to continue this superb program during the 2020-2021 school year.

This year all classes will initially be held in a Distance Learning format and some will change to In-Person instruction when we are authorized to do so.

Distance Learning Mode All Year:

    • Beginning Piano
    • Introduction to Music
    • PVSD Chorus
    • Beginning Recorder
    • Intermediate Recorder
    • Music and Movement PreK-2
    • Music and Movement 3-5

Distance Learning Mode to Start; In-Person When Able to Resume (at 700 Temple Ave, Camarillo):

    • Beginning Strings
    • Intermediate Strings
    • String Orchestra
    • Beginning Guitar
    • Intermediate Guitar
    • Guitar Ensemble
    • Beginning Ukulele

On-Line Registration begins Wednesday, September 9 @ 8:00 am. There will be no in-person registration this year.

Save Our Kids’ Music uses a registration system named NeonCRM. When registering, you will be asked to login to the system or create a login.  If you would like to create a login prior to registration, please click here. If you registered for PVSD YAA during 2019-20, you will already have a login. There is an option to click if you have forgotten your password.

Click here for more class information and to register online beginning Wednesday, September 9.


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General Information:

    • Classes are open to PreK-8th grade students in Ventura County.
      See class descriptions for details. PVSD students have course priority.
    • Classes are after school one or two days a week.
    • Classes begin the week of September 28 and end the week of May 24.
    • All classes will begin in Distance Learning format. Some classes will remain in Distance Learning Mode all year.  Some will change to In-Person when we are authorized to do so. See class descriptions for details.
    • SOKM and PVSD have a limited number of instruments available for loan based on financial need.
    • IMPORTANT: Students NOT enrolled in PVSD will need to have a release of liability form on file prior to beginning class.

Our program only exists due to the generosity of families and individuals who donate. Below are the amounts that are needed in order for the program to be self-sustaining:

    • $330 for Beginning Strings, Intermediate Strings, Introduction to Music, Beginning Piano, Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Beginning Ukulele, Beginning Recorder, Intermediate Recorder, Music and Movement
    • $250 for String Orchestra and Guitar Ensemble
    • $200 for PVSD Chorus

You may donate using the following methods:

    • When you register your student in NeonCRM, you can click the “Suggested Donation” button. When you get to the payment screen, PLEASE CHOOSE PAYPAL INSTEAD OF THE CREDIT CARD ICONS in order to reduce the cost of processing your donation. You will still be able to use a credit card through PayPal.
    • You may send a check made payable to SOKM and mail it to SOKM, P.O. Box 2244, Camarillo CA 93011.
    • You may click the “DONATE” button on our website at any time to make a donation.
    • You may donate monthly using NeonCRM or PayPal or by using the donation coupons $200, $250 or $330 and then sending them to SOKM, P.O. Box 2244, Camarillo CA 93011

Registration Details: