Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD)

District Board

Mr. Pat Fitzgerald
Mrs. Suzanne Kitchens
Mrs. Debra Kuske
Mr. Bob Rust
Mr. Ron Speakman

District Office

Dr. Angelica Ramsey

PVSD Visual And Performing Arts
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Veronica Ortega
(805) 482-9838

Director of Curriculum
Debi Maki
(805) 445-8664

Music Department

PVSD Music Department Voicemail
(805) 207-6608

Instrumental Music Program Support Specialist
Mrs. Betty Weyek –  805-207-6608

Las Colinas Middle School Bands
Mr. Reese Copsey –  805-207-6608

Monte Vista Middle School Bands
Miss Trish Copsey – 805-482-8891 or 805-207-6608

Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School Bands
Mr. Rene Godina – 805-491-3822

Los Primeros School of Arts and Sciences Band
Mr. Rene Godina – 805-207-6608

Pleasant Valley School of Engineering and Arts Strings
Mr. Rene Godina – 805-207-6608

Third Grade General Music
Mrs. Karine Szakos – 805-207-6608