Thanks to Volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who volunteers to make the PVSD and YAA concerts and activities succeed.  Without volunteers, SOKM would find it difficult if not impossible to conduct registration, help present concerts, and so on.

In September 2013, a number of people helped with PVSD YAA registration, our first time using online registration.  A big thank you to: Dick DeVillers for setting up the online registration and helping with “bugs”, Fabiola Ruiz, Cyndee Jenkins, Shelly O’Brien, Laura Sherrick, Angela Capponi, MaryLou Smith, Graciela Paniagua, Janice Northrup, and Yana Reese; SOKM board members Betty Weyek, Karen Gatchel, Richard Gatchel, Serena Villalobos, Keiko Chun, Cathy Crook, Melissa Cohen, Trish Oesterich, Peggy Smith and Iain Anderson.

In December 2013, marching band practice, the Christmas Parade, and holiday concerts ran smoothly with the help of the following people:

Coffee Bean concerts – Betty Weyek for arranging to use the gym.  For helping to set up, clean up, distribute sodas and candy canes, donate sodas and candy canes or the cash to buy them:  Byron Lindros, Loesje Guizar, Graciela Chit, Holly Butler, Kylie Speth, Cyndee Jenkins, Rolanda Turner, Kathy Flansburgh, Maria Cortes-Morales, Rose Gonzalez, Jamie Xu, Lara Gertler, Veronica Freeman, Emily Gist, Susan James, Marci Doane, Matt Martineau, Natasha Scrivener, Chayton Ramirez, Roberta Vanasse, Tara Daugaard, Tina Sutcavage, Sandra Tran, Nancy Mock, Padma Bonugu, Nicolette Dallas, Cristina Padolina, Tracey Anthony, Juliette Resor, Joanne Carolan, Emily Chang, Nicolas Marselian, Angela Capponi, Liliana Weichold, JoAn Penuela, Melissa Diaz, Yana Reese, Catherine Pedrosa, Mary Ann Ortega, Michelle Buttigeig, Angie Sears, David Gatchel and Amanda Smith; SOKM board members Betty Weyek, Iain Anderson, Trish Oesterich, Melissa Cohen, Cathy Crook, Keiko Chun, Karen Gatchel, and Richard Gatchel.

Those who donated sodas or candy canes, or otherwise helped with the YAA Beginning Strings, Intermediate Strings and Orchestra Holiday Concert were: Greta Birnbaum, David Ballenger, Patricia Cuellar, Jack Chan, Karen Hassig, Anne Griffin, Elizabeth De La Pena, Tanner Turkyilmaz, Colleen Chang, Soraya Thenoz, Belinda Brown, Christa Zamora, and SOKM board members Betty Weyek, Serena Villalobos, and Cathy Crook.

On December 14, the following people helped with the PVSD and YAA Bands that marched in the Camarillo Christmas Parade by marching with the musicians, providing a pickup truck to haul items (Cyndee Jenkins), donating sodas, water, and candy canes,  and helping distribute sodas: Yana Reese, Jacquie Ott, Byron Lindros, Daren Daugaard, Tim Snowber, Marci Doane, Liliana Weichold, Kelly Linskey, Peggy Smith, Agnes Ngu, Tracey Anthony, Angela Capponi, Angie Sears, Julia Flores, and SOKM board members Trish Oesterich, Iain, Brynn, and Casey Anderson, Serena Villalobos, and Karen Gatchel. 



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