A Resounding Success: Summer YAA

The summer PVSD Youth Arts Academy program was again successful, with instructors reporting that the students improved in their musical ability. On the last day of the program, July 19, there were performances that showcased Beginning Band, prepared by Don Baughn and conducted by Trish Copsey; Beginning Strings, and Intermediate Band/Orchestra, led by Rene Godina. Musical Theater, led by Paula Feinberg, presented “Cinderella Outgrows the Glass Slipper” and “Live: It’s Fairy Tale News!”.

Said Los Primeros Principal Katie Burchell, who was the Principal of the summer program: “The program continues to be a wonderful partnership between PVSD, SOKM and families to keep our students engaged and learning over the summer while still having time to unwind and have fun. I would like to thank SOKM for their help with the final concert performances on July 19th for Summer YAA. The SOKM volunteers were so wonderful providing refreshments, getting programs in the right hands, and also helping with the recording of the performances and recording order forms. Once again, I feel the summer program was a success and that we got a lot of students involved in the arts. Have a wonderful fall season.”

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