Music and Art Groups Busy in the First Semester

The YAA and middle school music groups are busy, learning music in genera’l but focusing on music for the upcoming holiday programs.

Reese Copsey, music director at Las Colinas Middle School, reports: “the LC Intermediate Band just completed what’s become an annual in-house (in-class) performance: we broke up into groups of 3 to 5 students and composed rhythm pieces patterned after the professional group STOMP, which plays on everything you can beat on (brooms, trash cans, pots and pans….) except regular instruments. The groups each performed 1 minute compositions for the class and then watched a video with a critique worksheet the following day. It’s quieter now that that’s done…”

Art teacher Carol Arthington says that the class is focusing on their goals:… to have the students experience the use of various media for drawing and painting and experimenting with different techniques.”  For example, in the first lesson they looked at ancient cave drawings.  The students then learned about using charcoal, and even created artwork in a dimly lit room to simulate cave conditions!  They moved on to create optical illusions, and now are learning how to grid a photo and then transfer the grid to drawing paper.  Coming up, the class will use pastels to create a self-portrait, will be learning color theory which includes mixing paints to create tints and shades, and will be doing watercolor washes.

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