City Council Approves Grant Request for 14 Instruments

The Camarillo City Council approved SOKM’s request for five clarinets, three trombones, four flutes, one cello and one alto saxophone! Thank you to Iain Anderson for writing the grant request with assistance from Barb McKown, Betty Weyek, Reese Copsey, Trish Copsey, Rene Godina and Karen Gatchel.

Thanks to SOKM Board members in attendance at the City Council meeting: Betty Weyek, Iain Anderson and Karen Gatchel. Also, thank you to Brad Capps, Beginning Band student from Las Colinas who played the new Yamaha tuba at the meeting. He was a hit! Thanks to Reese Copsey for preparing him for his City Council debut. The City Council is expecting students playing ALL of the approved instruments to perform next year.

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