Peggy Smith Named Volunteer of the Year

SOKM board member-at-large Peggy Smith has been named the Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year. A resident of Camarillo, along with her husband Carey, for almost 27 years, Peggy has three grown children, Hannah, Emily, and Abraham. It was through her children that Peggy began volunteering–at their schools and with PTAs, plus she was a Girl Scout leader for 12 years. Peggy was one of the founding board members of the Pleasant Valley Education Foundation (PVEF), serving as CineMagic Chair for 10 years and President for 2 1/2 years.

Peggy’s motivation to work with PVEF was “to serve in an organization that would provide children with opportunities to learn and participate in the Arts and Technology. I am always amazed at what children are able to do either on stage or with a robot or in a speech tournament, and I get excited when I see their self-confidence rise as they succeed in their endeavors.”

Peggy and her husband have been supporters of SOKM since their son Abraham participated in intermediate and advanced bands (he went on to double-major in clarinet performance and composition). Says Peggy: “We feel that music, and particularly learning a musical instrument, is so enriching and stimulating for one’s mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. . musicians must learn to work together as a very cooperative team in order to create the feeling whey want the listeners to share.” Peggy gives her desire to see the PVSD instrumental music program continue to be supported as one of her main reasons for her involvement with PVEF and with SOKM.

Each year, the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce selects individuals and organizations to recognize as their Top Ten.Nominations come from the community, are read by a selection committee, discussed and then selected. Those selected are people or organizations that “volunteer extensively and contribute to our community’s well-being.” (Jennifer Well, President/CEO in the CCC publication The Update) Winners are celebrated at a banquet, which will be held on Friday, March 23, 2012 at Spanish Hills.

“I feel very honored to be on the SOKM team,” says Peggy, “I hope I can contribute in a beneficial way.” And SOKM is honored to have the Volunteer of the Year on its board! Congratulations, Peggy, for recognition well-earned.

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