New Tuba Purchased

“Not having a tuba is like a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips. Without the chocolate chips, the cookie is good, but oh so much better with the chocolate chips. For music to be pleasing to the ear, there’s a certain spectrum of sound needed. Without the low end, music sounds empty and thin.” So says SOKM board member Betty Weyek, who has been searching high and low for a new or used tuba for the bands to use.

Unable to find a suitable used tuba, she was finally able to find a new tuba online, and it has now been purchased. The City of Camarillo donated $1,550 toward the tuba, and SOKM had $91.25 left from a donation from the Meadowlark Service League and the balance for the tuba came from the SOKM general fund, which of course comes from YOU, our donors.

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