Thank You to Our Volunteers at Registration and Back-to-School Nights

A HUGE thank you to all those who volunteered to staff the tables at the YAA Registration dates, and at Back-to-School Nights. Having people staff the tables for YAA Registration is vital, of course, for the success of the SOKM-supported programs. The tables at Back-to-School Nights are an important way to get the information out there about SOKM and the YAA programs.

Helping at Back to School Night were: MaryLou Smith, Peggy Smith, Keiko Chun, Richard Gatchel, Keiko Wilson, Barb McKown, Nancy Ma, Beth Ruef, Karen Gatchel, Keith Hogan, Steve Wolf, Bev Matsumura, Marie Pierre Kippen, Betty Weyek, Melissa Cohen, Will Crowder, and Brenda Innocente.

Helping at Registration were: Peggy Smith, Melissa Cohen, Mike Couchman, Richard Gatchel, Bev Matsumura, Beth & Rhiannan Ruef, Theingi Thway, Karen Gatchel, Glenn Ishida, Barb McKown, Keith Hogan, Michelle Hogan, Grace Lim, Keiko Chun, Mr. Chatfield, Rick Weyek, and Agnes Tan.

Without volunteers such as these people (and please forgive us if we left out any names!), SOKM could not achieve what it does. A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR ALL OF YOU!

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