Reese Copsey Receives Recognition – One of Camarillo’s “Top 20”

Reese Copsey, music director at Las Colinas Middle School as well as the PVSD Youth Arts Academy, recently was named one of the Camarillo Acorn’s “Top 20 People of 2011.”  The weekly newspaper, in the April 29 article about the award, says that the award is presented as “a tribute to the local men and women who help make our community special. . . [who] share a desire to build and maintain a high quality of life.”

As the Acorn article points out, Mr. Copsey is a founding member of Save Our Kids’ Music, and has been instrumental (pun intended) in keeping music in the schools of Camarillo.  Anyone who has had a child in one of the in-school or after-school band programs, who has had a child whose first introduction to making music was as part of Mr. Copsey’s flutophone class, who has passed by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or Starbucks, or the Farmers’ Market around holiday time or spring time and heard bands performing, has been aware of Reese Copsey busily making sure that music was made.  Everyone involved with SOKM, PVSD and YAA music programs is proud and happy that Reese Copsey has received this richly deserved recognition.

To see the Acorn article about Mr. Copsey, go to Acorn Top 20.

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